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The ASHA Model Superbill is a standard form that can be filled out and given to health insurance companies who reimburse for private speech therapy. Since TTST is an out of network provider for some insurance companies at this time, we will fill out the form after each session and provide it to the family for them to submit to their health insurance company for reimbursement. At this time, TTST is unable to assist with the negotiating of claims with the various insurance companies.


We will require payment at the time of service/or by the 5th of each month, and will provide you with a superbill for services which you can use to submit your claims. We are able to provide a prompt pay discount of 10% for regular sessions which are paid in full at time of the appointment for cash pay clients.

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Why doesn't TTST take my insurance?

In most cases, insurance will restrict the number of visits per year that a client can be treated. Also, insurance doesn't always cover services that do not directly correspond to a particular medical diagnosis. Insurance only will cover secondary delays related directly to an approved medical diagnosis!

Some families do not feel comfortable labeling their child with a diagnosis during their childhood, and that is THEIR RIGHT. However, without a medical label, insurance companies will not authorize services. Some companies will dictate the environment in which services must be rendered. 

Paying out of pocket allows for the family and TTST to collaborate together in order to provide the best quality of service for their child or loved one. It also allows the family to be in control of the provider they wish to see instead of being dictated by their insurance provider where they are allowed to go, based on their coverage. It also ensures that your records and diagnoses are entirely confidential documents. The content of your session stays entirely between you and your therapist. Your care is dictated by what you think you need, not your insurer. Many people have a Health Savings Account (HSA) that will help them pay for sessions and operates just like cash- but they don't realize it.

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